Arrows in the Hands of the Almighty
Dear youth, you are not just a person; you are an arrow in the hands of the Lord positioned to make a mark that cannot be erased in your sphere and generation.

Why God Treasures Youth:
1. The youth are a highly investable group of people by God: God invests in youths because
they are a high risk-taking group.
2. The youth are the future of every generation: You are the next generation of your family, nation, church and community and you shall not fail them in Jesus Name.
3. The youth are a reservoir of raw untapped energy and potential: Refuse for your energy to
be directed in the wrong direction.
What it Means to be an Arrow in the Hands of God:
1. Existing to make a mark
2. Existing to ruin the enemy
3. Existing to meet needs
How to Succeed as an Arrow:
1. Be sharpened
2. Remain in the quiver (Under authority)
3. Remain in the Hands of the Almighty
4. Exist with focus