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By His stripes you were healed and if the devil cannot reverse the stripes given to Jesus, then he cannot return the sickness and bondage that Jesus already took away thousands of years ago. At the Dunamis Healing and Deliverance Service, which holds every Tuesday from 9.30am GMT+1, we enforce the Word of God for the restoration and preservation of your redemptive packages in Christ and for the liberation of human health, wholeness, destinies and dignities.

Invite family, friends and the afflicted to join the next Healing and Deliverance Service and experience the heavy Presence of God that confronts limitations, embargoes and afflictions of any kind. No matter the medical diagnosis, enemy verdict and confrontations, God’s Presence, Principles and Power has been saving, healing, delivering and shifting people’s lives. Testimonies

Tuesdays from 9.30am GMT +1

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